Collection of recyclable materials – plastic packaging

Plastic packaging forms a significant part of the municipal waste stream and is made up of plastic bottles and mixed plastic packaging such as food pots and tubs and plastic trays.

In 2009/10 information collected by WRAP shows that 87% of UK local authorities collected plastic bottles from the kerbside and 26% collected mixed plastic packaging.

To help local authorities make informed decisions about collecting mixed plastic packaging for recycling using kerbside and bring site collection systems, WRAP has published a research report on the financial costs of collecting mixed plastic packaging.

There are other tools and reports to help with the decision making process:

  • Kerbside recycling performance benchmark tool
  • Kerbside recycling: indicative costs and performance

Recycle Now supports the collection of plastic packaging, both on the consumer site and by providing local authorities with communication resources via Recycle Now Partners.