Collection of recyclable materials - glass

Over 2.7 million tonnes of waste container glass (cullet) is collected in the UK each year.

However, there are issues around quality that can affect the price local authorities receive for their glass.

WRAP has produced a good practice guide, Choosing and improving your glass collection service, that includes essential information for local authority waste managers on the collection and recycling of glass.

Whether planning new glass collections, or making alterations to existing schemes, it can help you introduce the most sustainable service.

Three good practice glass collection case studies demonstrate a commitment to sending glass back into new glass packaging for food and beverages. One of the major advantages of sending glass back into the re-melt industry is the associated CO2 saving, particularly in comparison to sending glass to aggregates, where it has a negligible CO2 saving.

There are other tools and reports to help with the decision making process:

  • Kerbside recycling performance benchmark tool
  • Kerbside recycling: indicative costs and performance

Recycle Now supports the collection of glass, both on the consumer site and by providing local authorities with communication resources via Recycle Now Partners.,