Cross-market data


This section of the data portal provides information that is relevant to all sectors of the recovery and recycling market.

The current highlights and trends are:

Crude oil prices

Brent crude prices gradually increased during March and April 2018. They currently stand at just over £50 per barrel.. The average price during 2018 so far has been £48 per barrel.

UK electricity prices

UK electricity prices saw a huge jump during the first week of March 2018, to nearly £195 per MWh. Prices normalised after this to around £52 per MWh. They currently stand at £60.23 per MWh. 

Cotton prices

Cotton averaged around £0.58 per pound in March and April 2018


US Dollar rates saw continued to trade around 1.40 against the Pound in April 2018. 

Euro to Sterling rates rose slightly to  £1.14 against the Pound. . 

The Chinese Yuan declined slightly to 6.28 against the Dollar.