Develop strategy

When market intelligence has been gathered and agreement reached with internal stakeholders over which resource efficiency aspects to be considered, the next step is to develop a category strategy for authorisation and implementation.

This guidance note will help you to develop a strategy and answer the following questions:

  • Do the proposed amendments to either the product specifications or supplier services deliver reductions in waste, water and/or energy and still deliver the business needs?
  • Have key stakeholders outside the buying community been involved in developing the strategy and have they agreed to the requirements that would look to deliver reduced waste, water and/or energy?
  • Have you identified and agreed the financial models that will be used to evaluate the benefits associated with reduced waste, water and/or energy (e.g. the use of whole life costing)?
  • Does the outlined strategy articulate the benefits associated with reducing waste, water and/or energy?

It is important to ensure that senior management has endorsed the strategy.

You can download the guidance here