Water Monitoring Tool

The monitoring tools can help you to easily record and track where water is being used in your organisation and analyse your findings.

Download the appropriate Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets from related documents on the right hand side to record your water consumption data and generate graphs to illustrate trends in your water usage.

  • The 5-day spreadsheet allows you to enter meter readings which are taken on weekdays.
  • The 7-day spreadsheet allows you to enter meter readings which are taken 7 days a week.

Note: If you don't have Microsoft® Excel installed on your computer, you will be able to view and print this document by using an Excel Viewer available free from the Microsoft website.

The spreadsheets can be used to enter any single year's data for a maximum of five water meters. If you have more than five meters, or operate a shift system, it is advisable to download more than one copy.

We recommend that you save these tools to your computer rather than open them online. To do this, click on the link and select 'Save file'.

You need a copy of Microsoft® Excel to use these spreadsheets. For Excel 2000 and higher versions, make sure that the Tools Macro Security setting in Excel is set to 'low' before you open any of them. All data forms and graphs have been designed for easy printing.